I have nothing against Easter. I love what it represents and I’m in awe of a God who sent His son to die so that I could have a chance at eternal life. 

This Easter is hard though. All these little people in cute outfits and too big bow ties and fluffy dresses is a lot. Langston would have been 6 months…perfect size for a too big bow tie. 

 Also: when some of your closest friends get together for an Easter Egg Hunt and you and Hubbins weren’t invited…because sucks. I have said and will continue to say: give me the opportunity to turn down an invite; don’t make me feel even more leperous by excluding me because of our ‘condition’. Grief isn’t contagious. 

I realize this turned into a snarky rant and I’m sorry. I do wish you guys a Happy Easter and I hope you spent it with loved ones. Chocolate bunnies for all 🐰

6 thoughts on “Gah-Easter

  1. The isolating part of grief and childlessness is, for me, the worst. And it’s hard having holy space (i.e. Easter and church) be the place where we get noses (usually unintentionally) rubbed in the things we’re grieving. Thanks for sharing and for being open about what’s difficult!

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  2. I liked this “grief isn’t contagious”. I’m sorry about the non-invite. Sometimes people worry that they may be asking you to participate in difficult situations and so decide not to invite. But you are correct – we shouldn’t make that decision for you.

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