New month. 

I have been slacking on posting. We went on our cruise and it was AMAZING. Exactly what we needed. I was due to test on Thanksgiving day; it was negative. 

Currently on cycle day 4. Had to scramble for my Letrozole prescription because we are still in Florida and I wasn’t prepared. So we will see what this month brings. Looks like I should be testing again on Christmas Eve. Sigh. I hope you guys all had a Happy Thanksgiving. 

Be at peace 

I am sick to my stomach. I have  been as I watched election results all night. The tears started this morning around 5am. This is a slap in the face of everything I am. An African American . A woman. An immigrant. The people of this country have waited 8 years to show their true colors and it hurts. I started reconsidering everything and all decisions. Do I change jobs now? Do I continue to try to have a child? 

As I was laying in bed, my mom sent me this devotional for today. I have this devotional. It is entitled “Jesus Calling”. 
It was exactly what I needed to see. I can’t worry myself to a better outcome. My God STILL sits on the throne and THAT is ALL I have to lean on. Be at peace today my friends. After my appointment, I’m going back home and cocooning myself in my apartment. Self care is necessary today. If you need to, log off. Disconnect. Fortify yourself for whatever the future holds. And as my pastor says: “We know how this story ends, so live in victory.”

Quick update

I went in for my Day 10 US on Saturday. Not much to report. Right ovary has 2 follicles at 11 mm each and left ovary is lazily spinning in circles doing nothing lol. I go back tomorrow for another US. Hubbins is due to head to NY this weekend and I wasn’t initially planning to go but now I may have to in order to have all the sects. Will update when I know more 🙂