Our Fertility Journey

September 2012 – Married the love of my life, Hubbins .

September 2012 – On NuvaRing for birth control. We aren’t ready for a baby.

August 2013 – Begin Master’s program, still not ready for a baby.

January 2014 – Came off birth control as we knew it could take ‘a few months’ to get pregnant. Plan to start trying in May.

August 2014 – No baby yet. Referred by GYN to reproductive endocrinologist (Dr.C) for consult due to irregular cycles and failure to conceive. Possible PCOS diagnosis from GYN.

September 2014 – Consultation with Dr. C. She isn’t comfortable with PCOS diagnosis. Issue seems to be that I don’t ovulate consistently. Prescribe Letrozole.

December 2014 – Still haven’t conceived. Begin combo of Letrozole with Ovidrel trigger shot.

December 2014 thru February 2015 – Continue monthly combo of Letrazole with Ovidrel.

March 5th 2015 – First positive home pregnancy test.

May 13th 2015 – Water breaks at home; incompetent cervix; premature rupture of membranes.

May 14th 2015 – Delivered our son via vaginal birth at 14 weeks.

August 2015 – Return to Dr. C. Ready to start trying again.

September 2015– Resume Letrazole/Ovidrel combo

Current status – Waiting



And now we are here… trying again…….