“Two Week Wait” a.k.a Going Crazy

So I’m in what is called the TWW-Two Week Wait.

Detour—– Fertility people have all these fancy acronyms and me not knowing them makes me feel like I just joined an exclusive club and I don’t know the secret handshake.

To update, here is where we are in the baby making process: 

Last month was our first month of officially trying again with my fertility specialist a.k.a. Dr. C. Last month meaning last cycle month or whatever the club members call it. It was a bad month. Respiratory infection, cold, flu, finals and loads of medication. I didn’t hold out hope for last month because I knew that it probably wasn’t in the best interest for a possible baby for me to conceive while hyped up on meds. Also, you need to have the sects in order to get pregnant and the one night when we were in our ‘magic window’ and I tried I almost suffocated because I was congested. The most sexiest of sexy times ever had.  Continue reading ““Two Week Wait” a.k.a Going Crazy”