Attack of the Breeders




Well, everyone but me clearly. Current status of fertility happenings at my job: one girl has a 2 month old son, one girl getting induced Monday, one girl due December, one due January, one due March. Not sure what has been in the water here at the plantation  at work but everyone has been sipping it freely!
I feel like I have been dealing with it fairly ok overall. I do the requisite oohing and ahhing over ultrasound pictures, I inquire as to how they feeling often and ask the questions about nursery prep and such. Because they don’t all know. A few do but they don’t remember. They don’t realize that I should have/would have been right there along with them. My due date was November 14th. I should have been complaining about aching backs and swollen feet and numerous trips to the bathroom and not being able to sleep…….but I’m not. Continue reading “Attack of the Breeders”