I have mixed feelings. On one hand: I love Christmas. I always have. I am that girl who wants to keep the tree up till February and I have been playing Christmas music since mid-November. 

On the other hand: last Christmas, we sat next to our tree and talked about the baby I was carrying who would be due in June. We told close friends on Christmas. We told my mom in yet another cute reveal. And here we are again: no baby’s first Christmas ornaments. No cute family pajamas. No family photo shoot Christmas cards. Just us. 

8 thoughts on “December 

  1. I found out about my longest pregnancy on boxing day 2 years ago so like you, I have mixed feelings. Part of me doesn’t want to try this week in case history repeats itself which I know is silly…but we’re allowed to be silly 🙂

    Try remember what christmas is all about.. especially for you, when you have such strong faith.
    Focus on spending it with hubby.. and family. Spoil each other and eat copious amounts of food and chocolate.

    I’m telling myself theres always next year! Who knows what the year will bring? Xxxx

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    1. I love you so much for this!! Copious amounts of food and chocolate does sound like a good fix all. I needed the reminder about why we celebrate Christmas; thanks hunny. 😊😘 and we will hope for next year…if nothing else, we have hope.

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      1. Aw I’m so glad!!! You’ve helped me like a thousand times (even not knowing) so I owed u at least one!!

        Have a fantastic Christmas and yes… we’ll keep hoping 🙂 one day we’ll get our wish, I just know it!

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