Feel all the things. 

Know what happens when you haven’t had a cycle in almost 3 months and your first cycle you start your Letrozole amidst what feels like your uterus being forcefully ripped out and your whole life being drained out of you? You ugly cry when you get home and find out your husband ate the last of the ice cream. Big sobbing gulping tears. 

Two more days of Femara then hopefully I won’t be big gaping sore of feel all the things. 

*I understand that this is all dramatic as hell –insert shrug here–*

7 thoughts on “Feel all the things. 

  1. Why do men always eat the last of our favorite things?? I’ve resorted to writing my name on any food items that are off limits to him (basically anything chocolate). I am NOT a sharer. I hope you sent him to pick up more for you to enjoy by yourself!

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  2. I think I would’ve kicked my hubby’s tail and forced him to go out and get me more ice cream, LOL. I know how it feels when you have your mouth set on something and it’s gone when you get home? You will fight someone over that!

    Never apologize for being human, sis.

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