All systems are go

Last week I saw both my RE and my OB/GYN. The RE was because I had no idea where I was in my cycle (spotting is fun.. YAY PCOS) and my OB/GYN to get a regular well woman check up as I haven’t seen anyone since surgery followup. I also wanted to talk to them both about our upcoming cruise in November in light of the Zika virus. They both said the same thing: you go nowhere if you are pregnant. If I’m not pregnant, the plan is to be cautious.. overly cautious…marinating in DEET cautious. Both feel like since it is a cruise and we aren’t staying on the island for an extended period of time they feel comfortable with us both travelling. I got my lab results back which show I haven’t ovulated this month so Dr. C (RE) said I could technically start Femara/Ovidrel this month. We have decided to hold off until October. We both need this cruise. NEED. One more month of waiting isn’t going to change much. I am looking forward to getting away and coming back refreshed and ready for this next leg of the journey.

What have your doctors been saying about Zika? My doctor’s both seem pretty laid back as I’m not pregnant.

10 thoughts on “All systems are go

  1. Bahamas was just added at the beginning of last month I think 😫😫😫 We are in FL for a day and overnight and I was going to try to call that the start of my vacation and go to the beach etc but I think we will make it a hotel pool/ movie day.


  2. Yes, the cruise is very different, We have been on 4 and have never come across mosquitoes, since most of the time you are on a ship out on the sea where mosquitoes don’t live. The CDC keeps an updated list of where cases have been found vs locally transmitted etc. I know the Bahamas have been in the clear for a while, maybe not anymore, I haven’t checked in a while, I seem to remember that was where you were going?

    The biggest issue now would just be being in Miami, just keep up the deet!


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