It has been a busy week

I haven’t posted since last week I think. I knew this week was full of appointments and such and I wanted to wait and just do one post… because.. lazy. So this will be a long one…

On Tuesday I met with Dr. Atlas to consult for the TAC procedure. I WAS SO NERVOUS. So nervous that I got in and my blood pressure was 180/105!! His NP Malissa said “ummm, let’s have you sit and think happy thoughts for a while and we will repeat it after we are done with the doctor”. We did the repeat after the consultation and I was back to normal. I was really impressed with this doctor you guys. I had requested my records to be sent over from my OB’s office and he came to the consultation having reviewed everything. One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing a provider who knows nothing about my history and I have to rehash everything for them. I also love that he is straightforward; after reviewing my history and checking my pressure and lab results (no diabetes or high blood pressure) he said “you’re healthy, you’re just… ” and I said “fat” and he started laughing and said “we don’t like to say that, we say overweight”. I said “you know I’m fat, I know I’m fat, you’re going to see my insides, let’s be frank and honest with each other”.

He thinks I’m a good candidate for the procedure but has asked me lose 20-30 lbs prior to surgery. He did say that they would/could still do the procedure without the weight loss but he wants me to be in the best possible cardiac health to increase my healing time and decrease my risks under anesthesia. Also, I’ve gained about 9 pounds since Lucas was born from being a couch lump so he has a good point. He  cautioned me to not do anything crazy to lose weight just replace my drinks with water and add some walking…and maybe not have Talenti EVERY night.. it is a problem..  I need an intervention.

Prior to scheduling a surgery date he wants me to have an HSG (x-ray that is done with a dye injected into your uterus and fallopian tubes to check for any blockages or abnormalities) done to ensure that there is nothing else going on that we don’t know about prior to surgery. He was actually surprised that I had never had one done with my difficulty ovulating on my own. After those results, I’ll consult with Dr. Im who is the robotics guy. Dr. Atlas is confident we should be able to have surgery this end of May/June.

That same day I had my first therapy session and I love my new therapist!! She put me right at ease and in our first hour together we talked about so many things that I didn’t expect. She said we have a lot of work to do and I am so happy to have found her going forward with everything.

Yesterday, I had my last follow up with my OB. It was just a final check to make sure my cervix was back to normal and everything was back in place. All looks well. I got a Provera prescription from her to stop this on one day/ off three days bleeding that I’m still having and reset my cycle; the HSG has to be done on a certain cycle day and I have no idea where I am now. We also talked about Zika. Why Zika? Well, Hubbins side of the family does a Thanksgiving trip every two years. This year it is a cruise to the Bahamas..which has been in the planning process for a year now. I want to go; we need the vacation and he doesn’t want to go solo. We have been spearheading the whole process so we both can’t not go….but if I won’t be risking my fertility in anyway fooling with any mosquitoes on anyone’s behalf. Dr. H and I settled that if I’m pregnant in November, I won’t go.

I then had to talk to Hubbins last night to figure out what that meant with us trying. Do I want to be pregnant again? Yes. However, I don’t mind waiting. I need to build back up vacation time at work. We are looking into starting the process this fall to purchase a home; I would love to be moved in and have a baby’s room before we get started again. Also, I think we just need a break. When we lost Langston last May, I was back at the RE in  August and we were trying again. I got pregnant with Lucas in November and we started back with appointments and such. I don’t think I want to jump back into the timed sects and the shots and the pills and the appointments. Our relationship needs some time; I am looking forward to getting back to the spontaneity that comes with ‘not trying’. So we decided, we are going to continue to take precautions until we have the procedure this summer; I am adamant about having the TAC in place prior to getting pregnant. Once that is done, we won’t take any precautions to prevent pregnancy, but we won’t start treatments with the RE again till after the cruise. If I get pregnant ‘naturally’ (something that has never happened but as they say “man plans and God laughs”) so be it; if it hasn’t happened by the end of November, I’ll go back to the RE and do the Letrazole and Ovidrel trigger again.

It feels good to have a plan.

18 thoughts on “It has been a busy week

  1. You have had a busy week! Plans are good and I think that this will definitely help your emotional healing! So glad to see things trying to look up a little for you, love!

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  2. I’m really glad you have a plan in place. I think my only regret between losing Ethan and getting pregnant with Bo was I spent so much time TTC that I really didn’t use that time to enjoy my marriage and being “child-free” more. I think it’s very smart that you two are preparing and planning and also, most importantly, being realistic.

    I’m also very, very happy your doctor was frank and honest with you and not selling you a pipe dream. I think with the TTC journey, whoever the woman is, there needs to be a doctor who tells her, ‘Hey, this is what’s happening but you need to do your part.’ When I was pregnant with Bo, both my MFM and OB flat-out told me I better not gained a single pound (they weren’t even joking) because I was pretty heavy pre-pregnancy. So kudos to you and him.

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  3. So glad that you have wonderful doctors and therapists. You really needed something to go well, even if it is the little things.

    So crazy that you mentioned the Zika thing, because we are going on a cruise to the Bahamas too in June (we went last June as well and just loved it!) and we have had to have the Zika talk too because the cruise leaves out of Miami. So we are not doing any treatments until after, but still naturally trying, and I guess if I do get pregnant (and stay pregnant) before the cruise, we will have to cross that bridge when we get there!

    So glad that you have a plan, though you are right, I hear God laughing every time I try to make one too!


    1. The little things going well do make the days easier; I really don’t know what I would have done if Dr. Atlas didn’t think I should have the surgery.
      We are leaving out of Miami too!! What cruise line are you with? We are with Royal Caribbean; it would be my first time cruising and I am excited.


      1. Yes, Royal Caribbean! We did the cruise to Bahamas our of Miami last year with Norwegian. We sailed with Carnival a couple of times to for other destinations, I liked Carnival a lot better than Norwegian in every aspect, except the Norwegian itinerary was better.

        You will have a blast if you go. And if not now, then definitely at some point in life! Atlantis is expensive, but totally worth it (but I am a huge kid, so the waterpark was a blast for me)

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  4. This is such a positive post and I’m so pleased to hear that you seem to be on the right track and feeling better for having plans in place. It all sounds very sensible. Big hugs to you as always.

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      1. I’m ok thank you, got engaged last weekend which was amazing! 😊

        I’m dreading Tuesday, have been since September, but I’ve booked the day off work and will just go with whatever emotions hit me in the privacy of my own home without prying eyes or well meaning people not knowing what to say or do!

        I’m so glad to hear you talking so positively. I’m sure not all days are good, and I know some will be harder than anyone knows, but your strength continues to amaze and inspire me.


        1. I saw the engagement pics!! Hubbins and I were talking about your cute belly and how amazing the scenery was!!
          Yeah, you have to just take it as it comes most days. I’ve had a few good days in a row and for that I’m thankful. I think I’m just realizing that the bottom line is, we had our boys. We loved and still love them. We did our best for both of them. They taught us lessons we may not have learned otherwise and strengthened our marriage even further. I am thankful for that blessing and we will just see what happens next.

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