Crazy Faith

Sometimes having faith seems futile. No really! Sometimes saying that “I know God has a plan” and that “I’m trusting Him even in the middle of this” seems trite, like what I’m supposed to say. Sometimes I want the BIG testimonies of “I prayed after my water broke and God sustained our son for 15 more weeks and my faith was strengthened”. But God doesn’t always show up in the big ways and honestly, sometimes I say these things to myself because I’m trying to convince myself that it’s true. The beauty in it is, I do still have faith. I am optimistic. I just read a post from one of my blog sisters and it oozed positivity and hopefulness. THAT is what my faith gives me. There are bad days; yesterday was one. But today, I’m driving to work and I’m hopeful. The people going through this journery yeah, we are a little crazy sometimes, but that little bit of crazy, sometimes wavering, but still optimistic beyond all odds faith, that faith is what makes us strong and what gives us hope.

6 thoughts on “Crazy Faith

  1. Thats the one thing about infertility is that we have to remain optimistic, because if we didn’t then it would be that much harder to get through it. I completely understand that at times it is hard to remain faithful and to not question why we are going through the things we do. Wishing you the best. xo

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  2. Honestly, my faith kept me going in the darkest moments. Even when I sometimes question it and what I’m doing, I’m always led back to it.

    If people don’t understand, they never will. It’s just something you feel and can’t be explained.

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