New Week

Well, I made it.

This weekend was tough. Friday I had my appointment calendar pop up reminding me of my anatomy scan.. I thought I had disabled it but I guess not. Saturday, Hubbins and I did Praise and Worship at church; it went well and while I did end up in tears once or twice, I overall kept it together. Sunday we were home and just relaxed. Today I ran some errands and puttered around the house and made dinner.

I’m starting to feel more like myself.

I have been working on the baby blanket and crocheted a hair bow and the cutest headband with a bow. It is kind of therapeutic I guess and I know so many pregnant people right now that someone is bound to have a little girl.

I have been doing my research on the TAC and honestly, I’m torn. I’m hoping that I’ll have more info after my MFM followup on the 7th but right now I don’t know about the TAC. Currently, I feel like I have 3 solid options: TAC, pessary and complete bedrest after 12 weeks, and just complete bedrest. I’m not considering another TVC.. didn’t work twice. No thank you. The TAC is a huge surgery and my biggest fear is that I will funnel past the stitch early and end up needing a c-section and still have no baby. It’s all scary stuff. Honestly, I’m just praying that God guide us in the decision and make it clear what we should do. This is all WAY far in advance but the researching and planning are giving me something to look forward to.

7 thoughts on “New Week

  1. I’m very happy to hear you are considering trying again. That’s just really great to hear. If it’s any help, the TAC’s fail rate is like 1%. It’s ridiculously small. There’s a support group solely dedicated to women who are considering or had a TAC. It’s called Abbyloopers (I think I’m spelling that right). They also have a FB group as well.

    When you get pregnant again (because you will), and you need a c-section, I’ll spam with tips and advice. You can research online all you want but it really helps if someone else tells you, ‘Oh, by the way…’ I wish I had someone keep it 100 with me when I had mine.

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    1. Girl…you don’t know what you’re signing up for lol I will definitely need your insider info! I have joined the Abbyloopers forum and FB group and they are such an amazing source of hope and good information; these ladies have done their research. I am leaning more and more towards the TAC; might as well do the most that I can before we try again 😀

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