I believe God

You ever have a song that sums up exactly what you are feeling and seems to speak directly to your situation? This has been that song for me over the past few days.

People ask me
Isn’t it crazy
To believe in something you can’t see?
And people wonder
Why do I still ponder
Over an old dream
That appears will never be
You see my faith is strong and anchored
My faith cannot be wavered
My faith makes the unknown reality
And one day, if I pray
I know my dream will come to be

I believe God
He is incredible, invincible
He can crumble the impossible
Yes, I believe God
Although my faith sometimes is tested
On this shaky road I trod
I, oh I believe God

When life’s storm is harsh and bitter
And my ambition starts to wither
I wont be driven to crumble or complain
You see, doubting God is never
The option to consider
I’ve seen too many miracles
Hidden inside my pain
Oh, now faith is the substance of things hoped for
The evidence of things not seen
God works in mysterious ways
By faith my miracle and my breakthrough
Are going to spring forth from my pain

I Believe God ~ Kurt Carr and the Kurt Carr Singers

This song speaks to my heart. Does my current situation hurt? Yes it does; belief in God isn’t a Band Aid that I can place over my heart that takes away the pain. However, my faith in God allows me to make it to the next day. I’m not saying that my faith hasn’t wavered at all. I was in a dark place that first night in the hospital in the days after that. I was angry. I didn’t understand this.I still don’t understand. I didn’t expect to be in this place again. But you know what, nowhere in the Bible does God promise us that we won’t go through any sort of trials. Actually, attempting to walk and live a godly life guarantees you that you will go through some sort of trial in your life. I don’t claim to be any type of expert on the Bible and I have a lot of study that I need to do for myself.What I know is my experience. Yesterday was better than the day before and today is better than yesterday and I can trust that tomorrow will be better.

That is what my faith provides. It allows me to continue to wake up every day knowing that God has given me another chance and in that chance I can trust that He has something better for me. There is a plan. I don’t know what it is but I HAVE to cling to His promises. The wonderful thing is God is providing me with stories of encouragement. I look at babies that have been born to my fellow blog sisters in the past few days. Rainbow babies that came when there appeared to be no hope and if I know anything about my God, He is consistent and I know that if He can do it for someone else there is nothing that is too hard for Him . I continue to claim this promise that a friend of mine shared:

Psalm 113: 5, 6, 9 “Who is like the Lord our God? The one who sits enthroned on high, who stoops down to look on the heavens and the earth?..He settles the childless woman in her home as a happy mother of children.” 

God Can. God Will. I Believe God.

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