Sometimes I want to be the snarky angry girl 

Begin rant. 

There is a friend of mine on my FB timeline complaining about her pregnancy. Again. She is 26 weeks and “can’t wait to get this baby out of her” so she can “get back to life where her body is hers again”. 

It keeps popping up on my timeline because people are sending her their sympathies and wishing her a speedy pregnancy. Their sympathies.

I want to say something snarky and angry. I have drafted the perfect comment a few times in my head. But…taking the high road or whatever. So instead I will just mute her and her pregnancy that is taking so so long while I sit here wishing that I had as many more weeks as I could. 

End rant. 

8 thoughts on “Sometimes I want to be the snarky angry girl 

  1. That’s why I had to stop going on Facebook. Like my cousin, the Fertile Myrtle? She posted an article, I think last year, on how guilty she feels that she’s so fertile while everyone else struggles? Like, really? Out of all of the problems in the world, that’s the one that bugs you? I really had to bite my tongue but whew….she pushed me.

    I wish those who can get pregnant easily and carry a baby with no worries, will just enjoy the time. It’s not granted to everyone.

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  2. This is upsetting on so many levels. I never know how to respond to complaints like this. Sometimes I resist the urge to share my truth and sometimes I don’t. I did tell one woman (who oddly announced exultantly that she hadn’t gotten stretch marks yet and was praying she wouldn’t) that I spent five months praying that I WOULD get them since it meant that I’d carried my daughter safely into the third trimester, and there are worse things in life to worry about than stretch marks. Sorry for joining in the rant as well but, again, sometimes I can’t resist!!

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  3. Omg I hate when people do this!! I have to say, I end up saying something because I get so frustrated and (scuse my language) pissed off!

    I totally sympathise with women who have a hard pregnancy and who are really struggling. That, I get. But to wish it over, and complain constantly about being fat, not having any wine, being uncomfortable, blablabla. Like, you chose this. You’re getting a bloody baby at the end of it!!! Try having morning sickness, sore breasts, bad skin, tiredness, mood swings THREE times but nerve actually have a baby. Grrrrrr. End of my rant now 🙂

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