I want to say thank you. There are too many of you to mention…but I want to say thank you. I don’t have the words yet to respond to all your thoughts but I see them and they mean so much to me. There is something about having someone who has experienced this kind of loss saying “I hate that you are going through this” that means so much more than the “OMG. Let me know if you need anything 😘” from people who have never been in this place. I know that you guys, my blog sisters, understand this..and I feel your thoughts and prayers. I hate this experience and the fact that we are all here because of our loss but I am thankful that I am not here alone. Your virtual presence has been a matter of life or death. And I know that on the other side of this we will have our rainbows and we will smile again. 

4 thoughts on “Support

  1. Still thinking of you. Isn’t it the strangest feeling to be glad that you’ve got other people who have experienced what you experienced so you don’t feel so alone while at the same time never wanting to with this on your greatest enemy?

    I used to love the saying, “what is meant to be will be” until experiencing this loss. Now I think the quote is BS. In regards to one of your previous posts – I don’t think this is happening because you weren’t meant to have children. There are many many women who make up the 1% that this happens to who have gone on to have children. Don’t give up if that is your dream!

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  2. I’ve been so busy with work that I haven’t had time to catch up on the blogs I follow and for that I am so so sorry.

    I went back and read all ur posts and my heart is breaking for you. I have no words…

    You’ll get through this and I’m thinking of you xx

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  3. As much as infertility absolutely sucks, the community that comes along with it makes it slightly more bearable. I’m so glad you have so much support in it.

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  4. I think that this community is amazing. The support and encouragement that is shared between people who basically only know each other via this blog and because of an absolutely awful experience is incredible. You ladies are awesome. Faithhopefear – I wish you the strength to make it day by day.

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