Sitting is hard 

So I need rules. I have realized this about myself. Telling me to “take it easy” means nothing to me. So until I see my doctor on Wednesay, I’m kind of having to come up with my own rules for ‘bedrest’. No more than 15-30 mins of standing every few hours. This stuff is hard because I don’t feel sick. I have so many things that I can be doing in the house. The Christmas tree is still up. I have a bookshelf to clear off. My bathtub needs cleaning. Overall, I realize this is a control issue. I own this. Hubbins went to the grocery store by himself tonight and I was so anxious….then I felt silly about feeling that way. This post has turned into rambling…but I have to get these thoughts out. Hubbins showed me this quote today and it was what I needed to give me a kick out of my funk. 

  There is nothing more important to me than making sure our Nugget gets a chance at life. I have 20 weeks to do what I can to make sure he/she is ok when they get here. I can sit till then. 

5 thoughts on “Sitting is hard 

  1. Are you going to be on bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy or might the bed rest be lifted later on? I’m only asking because I was also on bed rest for 20 weeks…I started almost a year ago exactly. I used the time to write letters to my daughter and catch up on books and movies…a lot of books and movies… :).


    1. I go in Wednesday and she is going to determine. Her last estimate was until she removes the cerclage at 32 weeks because she was ok with baby coming after that. I hadn’t thought about writing letters. That is a great idea!! 😊


      1. Good luck on Wednesday! We had about a 3% chance of baby making it to 36+ weeks, and she did! Just wanted to encourage you to keep your faith and stay strong mentally/emotionally. I think that was the hardest thing about bed rest for me — a lot of time to sit and worry!!

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  2. What helped me was catching up on reading or Pinterest. Was there something you always wanted to take up like knitting? Bed rest is hard when you’re so active but it’s not too bad if you can keep occupied!

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