Home and resting 

Cerclage part deux was a success. Today was perfect. Everyone was so nice to me and went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable. My anesthesiologist today was AMAZING!!!! I didn’t feel a thing when she did the epidural; I have already informed her that she can take no vacation after the month of May. 

I am home and on a new medicine, Indomethacin, for the next 48 hours. It is it to stop preterm labor as I was having some pretty strong cramping last night and this morning before the procedure. I am taking a pill every 6 hours so I’m looking forward to that 2am alarm 😫

My Makena (progesterone in oil) was dropped off today and I need y’all to see this.  

WHAT DOES THIS MEDICINE CONTAIN?!!!! The blood of Jesus? Drops from the fountain of youth? Tears from a thousand puppies?!? And this is for a 5 ml bottle of the oil; 5 doses. I count myself as so blessed to have good insurance and a job that provides coverage because there is no way I could pay this out of pocket!! 

I’m home till Wednesday with instructions to take it easy till my follow up that morning where we will discuss what happens from here on out with bedrest. It is not my ideal but there is nothing that I won’t do to bring home our Nugget safe and sound. 

Thank you guys all for your thoughts and prayers 😊

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