Second cerclage? 

Yup. That’s what that says. At my measurement appointment today cervix is down from 4.0cm to 2.4cm. The MFM suggests that they place another stitch higher up as a reinforcement for the first. She is going to call my OB and I’ll know tomorrow what they decide. If they agree, surgery could be happening Thursday or Friday. Just when I thought I was out of the woods. Baby is doing fine; my body just won’t cooperate. I am scared. 

I have faith in God that this pregnancy will have a different outcome. 

If I just keep repeating that, maybe I won’t lose my mind. 

9 thoughts on “Second cerclage? 

  1. It’s heartbreaking news but there is a silver lining – your MFM caught it in time and that’s very important. While no one likes the idea of undergoing another cerclage and then having more worry, I’m glad your MFM is being very pro-active instead of the dreadful ‘Wait and See’ approach that I loathe to death.

    I still believe you’re going to have an uneventful and boring pregnancy.

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  2. Oh honey, that’s rubbish news! I’m sending you lots of love and positivity and hoping you get a break soon. Glad to hear that baby is doing fine though – something positive to focus on at least. 🙂 big hugs. X

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