NT Scan and MFM Consult

I went in for the 2nd part of my NT scan today. Usually, the blood work and the ultrasound are done at the same visit but since they wanted to try to speed things along for me as we are approaching 13 weeks, I had the finger stick done last Monday and the ultrasound today.

Like I told you guys, my anxiety had been building about this appointment simply because it was going to be the first time seeing Nugget since the 16th of December. My appointment was at 3 pm and I got there around 2:45. Now for this ultrasound they tell you show up with a full bladder because it helps get a better picture for the tech. I showed up ready to burst because I am nothing if not an extremist…. and the staff let me know that they were running late. Apparently, babies don’t care that each appointment is scheduled for 30 minutes and they do what they want when they are good and ready. As such, I didn’t get called back till 3:40. Surprisingly, I wasn’t upset. Other than feeling like a balloon, I was comfortable. The staff was very good at updating me every 15 minutes regarding how many people were ahead of me.

Once I got back, the fun began. During the NT scan, they need to accomplish three things: 1. Measure the baby from crown to rump 2. Measure a fold at the back of the baby’s neck 3. Confirm the presence of the nasal bone. Nugget was fine with 1 and 2. Item 3 took a total of an hour and a half, 3 ultrasound techs and the doctor to accomplish. Baby was doing flips, potential handstands, covering their face, mooning the tech, EVERYTHING except presenting the profile view that was needed. FINALLY, the 3rd tech, who happened to be the Lead Sonographer, with much pressure and maneuvering was able to get a profile pic and we were done. All looks well. Measurements are within range. These measurements were then placed in the computer along with blood work results and used to calculate risks for Trisomy 13, 18 and 21. All of my numbers show a risk of 1 in 100,000 or greater!!! Hooray!

While all these games of hide and go seek were going on, I had plenty of time to speak with Dr. N who is the High Risk OB regarding her suggestions/recommendations regarding a cerclage. At this appointment my cervix was closed and measures 4.10cm. This is a great number and she said she sees no signs of incompetent cervix because usually when they ask you to bear down and you have IC, you should see the cervix opening and they didn’t see that. However, she did say that she could go either way on the cerclage and it really is up to me and how I feel. She will be doing biweekly cervical length measurements through week 32. I did tell her that I felt I wanted to do it because with losing our son, there was no warning; I had actually had an ultrasound done the afternoon that my water broke and everything had looked fine. While I understand the risks associated with surgery,  I would never be able to forgive myself for not doing everything preventative in my power to keep my baby. Dr. N. wholeheartedly agreed and stated that she would prefer to place it now while I have plenty cervix to work with vs. waiting till it shortens and attempting an emergent cerclage.

At the end of my appointment, I made all my biweekly appointments for cervical length and growth checks through the end of my pregnancy.Yes, it did cause anxiety to be planning that far ahead but I also felt hopeful because I know that she is taking my concerns very seriously. The next step today is the consult with my primary OB Dr. H where we will discuss the visit yesterday and decide how to proceed. It is quite possible that I will be having a procedure in the next few days *gasp*

This was a longer post than expected. Sorry guys. But I figure I have been lax in journaling so this blog serves dual purpose. I may just print these out and keep them in my baby journal.  I’ll post again once I know what is happening after I meet with Dr. H. today.
Baby dust to all 🙂


2 thoughts on “NT Scan and MFM Consult

  1. Great news!!! I am very impressed you were able to make all of your appointments. I have only done them week by week because honestly it gave me way too much anxiety. You are doing great momma keep it up!


    1. Thanks hun! The front desk nurse was very kind to me and once we got to each month she asked : “do you want to keep going?” It felt good putting them all on the calender and I wanted to book early to try to get the latest afternoon appt early so I would only be leaving work half hour early…I’m still optimistic about working 🙂 I just read your update; Keep cooking mama!!

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