Jumping all in

I made a decision today. Well actually, a few days ago..but it’s not official official till I share it here 🙂

I’m all in.

I have been trying to ‘not get too attached’ (yes that sounds horrible and I feel bad for even typing it) to this pregnancy. I am following all my doctor’s orders and doing all the right things but in the meantime, I haven’t been allowing my self to dream. To hope. To think about anything after today. To plan names. To pull out the pregnancy journal that I finally got the courage to buy. I haven’t done any of those things and I told myself it was because I was ‘shielding my heart’ from the ‘what ifs’.

I know I have blogged about this in the past and while I can’t remember who said it where, I do remember that one of you guys, my blog sisters, my ‘this journey is shitty but here we are’ companions said something like: “cherish every moment. Embrace the memories. Log all the things. God forbid, if something is to happen, you not cherishing the time you have will not change the outcome…it will just lead you to regret not having the memories that you could have because you spent your time planning for the future without enjoying what you have in the right now”. This sentiment has been echoed by a new found sister friend that was gifted to me via the TTC mug exchange. (Seriously, do this next year guys, it is so fun. My new girlfriend and I text all day lol)

As such, I’m going to be starting weekly (symptoms, appropriate fruit size comparisons) update posts on Baby Nugget. I will be borrowing my format from Caroline God’s Time, God’s Plan because I look forward to her updates 🙂

I want to say again that I understand if the weekly posts are a lot for some of you guys and there will be no hard feelings if you need to unfollow; I will understand. Self care above all else.




8 thoughts on “Jumping all in

  1. I agree so much with this philosophy. From my experience, holding back doesn’t ease the hurt, so you might as well jump in, avoid regrets, and be excited, and enjoy the moment, no matter what comes. You are in my T&P

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