Appointment updates

I apologize again for not having updated in awhile. I have been madly decluttering my house in preparation for the holiday season when I knew there would be an influx of decorations and packages. This weekend, we cleared out a closet that has been packed since we moved in!! That was a big accomplishment for me and I realized I may have slight hoarder tendencies.

This past Wednesday I had back to back appointments with my RE and my OB.

RE Appointment:  I am officially cleared from Dr. C! I was able to see a heartbeat and was able to hold back the tears as there were  a total of 5 people in the room. (RE, Med student, sales/training rep for the new ultrasound machine that they received in the office, MA and myself…just a circus of people as I lay spread apart. The funny thing is: it didn’t bother me. ) After seeing the heartbeat, Dr. C confirmed my estimated due date and was adamant that the OB’s office not change it. Apparently, there is some sort of feudal war between OBs and REs because they date pregnancies different. The OB usually goes with the traditional calculation based on LMP but when a trigger shot is used the RE can date closer as they are able to pinpoint day of conception. When we were pregnant with our son, the OB’s office changed my due date to two weeks later than my RE and when I went to have the anatomy scan at 11 weeks, baby was already measuring too big. Dr. C. said that if they tried to change the date I should email her and she would sort it out.

OB Appointment: This was my first appointment with Dr. H. for this pregnancy and I was really happy to see her. She was outstanding during the delivery of our son and that entire ordeal and her compassion and care made all the difference to our family. When she walked in the room she gave me the biggest hug and told me how happy she was when she saw my name on her schedule.  After some small talk, she said : “Let’s get down to business. Where is your question sheet because I know you have one.” Yes. I had a sheet of typed questions. She remembered that I had shown up to my post D&C consult with one and she was ready for it this time. All of my questions dealt with info about the cerclage (when it would be placed, success rate, views on bedrest, how often cervical length will be checked). She gave me the timeline and answers for all of my questions. Around 11 weeks I am going to go get the NT blood work done (genetic testing). A week later at 12 weeks, I will have my early anatomy scan and the consult with MFM (Maternal Fetal Medicine). Based on the results of those two appointments, she is expecting that cerclage will be done between 12 and 13 weeks. She doesn’t want to wait much longer than that as our loss last time was at 13 weeks and 6 days. The timing of the appointments will be slightly skewed earlier/later because that is right around Christmas/New Years. After she answered all my questions, I started to put on my coat and she reminded me that she still had other regular OB things to discuss with me! We spoke about my heartburn and nausea and that she wants me to aim to gain no more than 25lbs with this pregnancy. I left feeling confident in what she can do…more-so than in what my body can do…it’s bad, I know but my body has let me down before. I go back to see her on the 8th when I will be 8 weeks and 2 days. Just waiting in anticipation till then when I can see that little heartbeat again.


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      1. You know I thought the exact same thing. It’s a shame there isn’t a “private message” feature on here! As much as I’m all about being honest, and have never been anything but honest in my blog, sometimes you just want to talk privately you know? I’m so glad to hear you’re well though. I keep everything crossed for you always.

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