Lab results are in and other thoughts

Yesterday, I got the third set of labs drawn for HCG/Progesterone. Progesterone is at 34 (yay Endometrin) and HCG is at 994!! 🙂

The day after the 2nd draw, y’all remember I was freaking out because I hadn’t gotten results back and/or a call from my doctor’s office. On Tuesday afternoon, I finally called because nothing was posted yet. I spoke to a wonderful nurse named Tracy and she was so understanding. I continually feel like I am doing the most and overreacting and she made me feel like I wasn’t crazy and encouraged me to call whenever I am uncertain about anything because they don’t want me worrying and causing undue stress; it takes a special person to be a nurse at an RE’s office and my office has the best ones 🙂

My placement scan is scheduled for next Wednesday. That’s when we make sure that the pregnancy has implanted in my uterus and not hanging out anywhere else. I don’t know what they see this early. I don’t remember from last time.

I should probably make this a separate post but.. laziness.

I don’t know how to move forward with my posts on here and tags and such. Let me explain: I feel guilty posting with some of the tags that I have been using such as “Miscarriage”. I don’t want to be a trigger for anyone with updates about this current pregnancy…but I feel like everything about this new pregnancy is colored by losing our son and there will be feelings about that interspersed with info about current things. I have been helped so much by the support that I have received from all your comments and knowing that my feelings are not alien. Please, take care of yourself. If you are one of my current followers and the posts are too much and you un-follow, I understand. If you come across a pregnancy post that is too much and need to write stern words, I understand that too.

Sorry this post diverged into lots of random things.. thanks for making it this far.

9 thoughts on “Lab results are in and other thoughts

  1. congratulations! I hope you have a beautiful child.

    My husband and I lost our son seven days ago. I was deeply pregnant, but it was too early. He only lived for a few minutes, but he was beautiful. I miss him being inside me. Its a wound that never heals. Even if we succeed in getting pregnant again one day, I will always remember my son.

    He was so healthy and energetic but I had an incompetent cervix and it dilated prematurely. Next time I get pregnant I’ll demand the doctor watch and measure my cervix religiously and I’ll get it stitched shut. Had I known and done so at twelve weeks, my son likely would still be in me.

    It means a lot to hear of someone reaching the point I want to reach one day. But we’re still grieving a lot.

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