What would y’all say?

I need help. What would you guys do in this situation:

I have a coworker who is pregnant with her 6th child. SIXTH CHILD. She and I aren’t super close; we have a good working relationship but in the past, she has shared with me different issues that she has/had with her children’s fathers. Multiple fathers. I want to say there are 4 in all. Currently, 4 of her children do not live with her and are with her sister in another state as she was unable to care for them. What do I say when she has her baby daddy/pregnancy/woe is me stories? What I want to say is 1) unkind 2)profane.

Just want your opinions on how I address this..if at all. I could just ignore her I guess.

12 thoughts on “What would y’all say?

  1. Does your colleague know your own situation? If so, you could always say gently that you sympathise, but that given your own struggle, you’re probably not the best person to help her in this instance and that she might be better to confide in someone else. If she doesn’t know, you could say something similar – that you’re probably not the best person for her to talk to (you don’t need to explain why) and that a close friend or family member might be of more support.


  2. You could always just try the professional approach since you guys are coworkers and tell her that this type of conversation isn’t appropriate for the work place. Simply put and she can’t argue it.


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