CD10 update

Just got back from my scan. We have one follicle…one. I will admit I was a little disappointed because I thought the increased meds would lead to more follicles but my RE said:  “all I (yes I lol) need is one to make you a healthy baby”. It is a good sized follicle at 22mm so I’m going to trigger today and start progesterone on Saturday and then sit and wait.

10 thoughts on “CD10 update

  1. I only have one this month too. It’s so discouraging after having two every other month. Were you on femara when you conceived your angel baby? If so, how many femara cycles did it take?


  2. You’re allowed to feel those few moments of dissapointment if you don’t get what you want. So don’t beat yourself up about that.

    But your docs right – one is all she needs. And fingers crossed its “the one”.

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