Month 3 here we go!

Cycle Day 2.

A new month.

A new chance.

*I read the tittle in my Super Mario voice, I’m trying to be in a happier place*

Today I will start my Femara for the next 5 days. This will be my first month on an increased dose of 7.5mg as my RE wants to prompt, in her words, a “more robust response”. *As I have a vivid imagination, I pictured my ovaries as lumberjacks in red and black jackets…robust right?* Last month, I had one follicle measuring 20 and one measuring an 8 and while we triggered via the Ovidrel, I was skeptical about that 8. Dr. C did warn me that with increasing the Femara we slightly increased the risk of multiples which for me is quite risky due to my lazy, do nothing incompetent cervix. We will cross that bridge when we reach it.
Step 1. Get pregnant.

Step 2. Profit *If you get this South Park reference, you are awesome*

October/November..let’s go!



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